Playing slot machines online responsibly

Playing slot machines online responsibly

2014-08-21 21:34:17 -

Do you play online slot machines? Have you heard of people addicted to gambling? Do you think this cannot happen to you? You should read our article.

Addiction to slot machine playing

Addiction to playing slot machines is an addiction just like any other. Many people are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, cigarettes, videogames and many other vices of the present day. This includes playing computer games or online gambling.

Mentally unstable individuals are more likely to become addicted. But even strong ones can be overcome by difficult situations in their life. Once a person becomes depressed, they should forget any vices that they could succumb to. Never play when you are tired, when you have personal problems or you are under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substance.

Prevention against addiction to online gambling

All casinos and online gambling sites offer various tools to prevent addiction. This is a set of limits that restrict your playing. But it is up to the player alone to set the limits for their own playing. Think about it before you start playing.

Limit on losses

It is up to you to determine the amount you are willing to lose while playing. This should be the amount of money that would not jeopardize your family budget or savings. After setting this limit, the casino system prevents you from losing more.

Playing time limit

Many casinos offer the opportunity to restrict the time you spend playing. So you should not neglect your work, friends and family because of excessive gambling.

How do I know that my playing has become an addiction?

There are many tests available online, the results of which should evaluate the degree of addiction to playing slot machines. However, you can simply try to answer the following questions:

  • Do I spend more on gambling that I can afford to spend on entertainment?
  • Do I try to make up the loss from previous days by playing further?
  • Do I want to resolve my financial situation by gambling?
  • Do I gamble when I should be working?
  • Do I prefer gambling to meeting my friends?
  • Do I spend more time gambling than with my family?
  • Do I put off solving problems and go and play slot machines instead?
  • Do I try to improve my bad mood and depression by playing, do I play when I am exhausted and tired?
  • Do I combine alcohol, narcotics and gambling?
  • Do I play longer than I originally planned?

If you answered YES to one or more questions, this is the first sign of your addiction. Do not underestimate it.

I am addicted to gambling, what should I do?

If you are capable of recognizing your addiction, it is the first important step towards solving your problem. The next step involves temporary blocking your gambling accounts or at least setting the necessary limits.

One can rarely manage this alone, you will need the help of those close to you. One of the possibilities is to talk to your family and to resolve the situation together. If you are afraid of the reaction of your family, contact a psychologist for help or contact anonymous support centres. The following links may be of help:

We believe that playing will always be enjoyable for you.

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