Slot machines by software

Slot machines by software

If you want to find a new online slot machine for you to play and win with, there’s a number of search options available. Indeed, there are numerous slot machine themes, trillions of bonuses, breath-taking visuals, and you can even choose your game depending on who made it.

Today it’s no longer the case that slot machines are made by anonymous companies that spew out no-name trash. Indeed, there’s a truly in-depth strategy behind contemporary development of slot machine games, and the best slot machine providers of online games are well known not only in the gambling business.

In fact, companies such as Microgaming, NETENT, Novomatic and NYX are known by nearly every casino player. Individual companies found their own presentation style and so one can quickly distinguish their games from those made by competitors. For instance, slot machines by Betsoft, the Czech-based SYNOT Games as well as Playtech (one of the real giants in the area) have their own, hard-to-miss style.

Basically, it’s easy to identify the handwriting of individual companies. And so it should come as no surprise that some players end up liking the style of one company and prefer games made by that company. Do you also have a preferred slot machine developer? Or are you merely interested in knowing which games were made by which company? Our list provides an easy-to-navigate classification of slot machines by a range of developers. All you have to do is choose what you’re interested in.

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