Fruit Machine 27

Fruit Machine 27

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Game Type Online slot machine
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Reel Type Spinning Reels
Reels 3 reels, 3 rows, 27 bet lines
Min bet 0,10 €
Max bet 10 €
Game features double win, joker, thrilling bonus points, gambling

A slot machine for old-timers

Do you like to reminisce the good old times when you headed towards an old shabby slot machine in a corner with a coin in your hand, hoping that this time you will win the jackpot? If these memories make you smile, you will definitely enjoy the new classic slot machine Fruit Machine 27. At first sight it is a classic copy of old slot machines with 3 reels; however, the number in its name indicates that there is more than meets the eye.

"Fruit Machine 27" is reminder of the good old times

Fruit Machine 27 is a beautiful retro game by Xatronic (created for Kajot slot machines) that can be enjoyed online. It is a simple slot machine with 3 reels offering up to 27 bet lines. Each reel has 3 rows and 3 symbols and your goal is to create a winning combination with three identical symbols. The odds are quite good, as up to 9 individual results are counted in the final result.

Fruit Machine 27 is an enjoyable trip in time. It has decent graphics and very simple controls. The only flaw of the audio-visual design are the sounds – while they have a nice retro feeling, you will turn them off after a couple of games as they are literally ear-piercing. However, this is just a minor detail.

More ways to win

The game has 6 fruit symbols and one special symbol called the joker. You need to keep in mind that each symbol has its own value. The lowest win is provided by three cherries, only a x1 win, followed by lemons (x2), oranges (x3), plums (x4), melons (x7) and grapes (x10). Then there's the joker. This symbol is the rarest and not only does it replace any other symbol in the line, but is also a winning symbol. If you see 3 jokers in one line, you'll get x80 your original bet.

Furthermore, you get bonus points for each joker. These points are added up and their value multiplies the following win. There are other ways to increase you win. At the end of each round, you can try the so-called gambling mode, where you can double your win in the following game or lose everything.

Play for free or with money

You can play the game online on your PC or in a mobile app. You can pay classically with money (credit in the game) or you can practice or simply have fun for free. The minimum bet is 10 credits, which corresponds to 10 cents. Of course, the more you bet, the more you can win, whereas in each round you can bet ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, two hundred, five hundred or one thousand credits.

A minor flaw of Fruit Machine 27 is that it does not offer progressive jackpots; however, this is partially compensated by the interesting fixed jackpot and most importantly the chance to win it quickly, since the number of winning combinations is truly astounding.

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