Free spins

Free spins

2016-05-16 12:01:44 - Braňo "Ace"

No matter which online casino you look at, free spins are a highly sought-after enticement by players. It is a popular zero-stake bonus. Basically, the casino lets you spin a slot machine (or roulette) for free, often several times. Any winnings you obtain during these bonus spins are yours to keep. But if you do not win, well, you do not lose anything. The game did not cost you even a single cent.

Free spins as a registration bonus

There are many registration bonuses on casino websites. However, you usually need to exert a great effort or invest vast financial resources to get an interesting and truly advantageous bonus. But there are bonuses which are easily and quickly available, too. Free spins are usually one such bonus. It is a highly popular bonus that you get immediately after registration, without any deposit, simply a registration bonus.

Free spins on new slot machines

Free spins are often also offered by casinos as a form of promotion of new slot machines or other casino games. After all, there is no better way of promoting a new game or feature than giving players the opportunity to try it out for free. And, as is the norm for free spins, any winnings you receive are real and yours to keep.

Free spins obtained in-game

Another way of getting free spins is obtaining them directly when playing a specific slot machine. However, here the various bonuses differ a lot, and often depend on the rules of the slot machine you are currently playing. The most common way of getting free spins is to get a certain combination of symbols (e.g. Wild symbols). Multiplication of all winnings is a pleasant bonus during these free spins (that you play for free). This can lead to truly interesting profits. However, it depends on the specific slot machine you are playing – many do offer free spins and multiplication of winnings as their primary allure instead of a shared jackpot.

Final note

So, if you want to save a bit when playing, it is definitely worthwhile to keep track of the bonuses offered by casinos for registration. Also keep track of all the new games that are offered during the year, you can get some free spins that way maybe even every week. With a bit of luck, all those free spins can add up to truly interesting amounts.

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