Multiplayer mode slot machines

Multiplayer mode slot machines

2014-10-26 10:41:19 -

You may disagree, saying that casinos have been offering regular slot machine tournaments for some time. However, multiplayer mode is nothing like a tournament. Tournaments did not bring players together in the true sense. In tournaments players played against each other and only the best one took the prize.

Team multiplayer games on the Internet may have been an inspiration (for example World of Tanks), where a group of players played and cooperated on reaching a common goal. The same principle underlies the multiplayer online slots. The player has an opportunity to create a virtual room and invite his friends and other players. The players in one virtual room play the same multiplayer slot machine. In addition to chatting to each other, they participate in reaching the objective - breaking the jackpot or large win in bonus rounds. When one of them succeeds in getting a free spin, all the players in the room automatically get free spins as well. When one of them succeeds in unlocking a bonus game, it is automatically unlocked to all the players in the room.

In addition to entertainment, this type of game creates and maintains relationships between players. That´s why online slot machines have been dubbed community slot machines. The most famous multiplayer slot machines are slots by Microgaming that you can now play at betway casino:

  • Multiplayer Playboy Slot
  • Wheel of Wealth
  • Isis Multiplayer
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