Playing on multiple slot machines at the same time

Playing on multiple slot machines at the same time

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Every player in an online casino has his favorites that he plays over and over. It doesn't matter if they play roulette, blackjack, poker or slot machines, even you probably have your favorite games. How to proceed if you want to play more games at the same time? Is it even possible?

Many casino game-lovers have tried playing on multiple slot machines at the same time. Yes, you read that correctly, it is possible. It works in the following way - you log in to your favorite online casino and select the games. You open each casino game in a separate window and minimize the individual windows in such a way that you see all the games. You can thus select, for example, 4 casino games and each one will take 1/4 of your screen.

Playing multiple casino games at the same time sounds like proper craziness. But you’ll save a ton of time, practice your concentration and within a few minutes, you’ll enjoy all your favorite games. Although, parallel playing brings with itself many risks that you must learn before you start practicing this style of playing.

The disadvantages of playing multiple casino games at the same time:

1. You spend more money in a shorter time

Thanks to more games you can win more but also lose more. No one can give you a 100% guarantee that at least one of your selected games will end in a win. It can, therefore, happen that you spend your budget faster than what you’ve planned.

2. Insufficient concentration

It is almost impossible to concentrate on more casino games at the same time. Perhaps you think that you’re a concentration master and nothing can surprise you but only one small detail can make you lose the entire prize.

The problem especially occurs if you decide to combine various types of games. If you, for example, select three slot machines and one blackjack game. Which will cause immense chaos. On one hand, as you're trying to strategize in blackjack, the slot machines will be disturbing you. And an absolute hell will start if you get into a bonus game while playing slot machines and at the same time you need to make a once-in-a-lifetime decision in All-in poker.

3. You won’t enjoy any game fully

When playing casino games the prize is a pleasant bonus but it shouldn't be a deciding factor for which you decide to play. The first thing is relaxation and fun. During parallel playing, you won't have enough time to enjoy individual games fully.

If you, however, decide to try this type of gameplay, follow these rules:

1. Try parallel playing for free first

First, try playing multiple slot machines at the same time with free games. Test this gameplay method and find out if it suits you.

2. Select only one type of game

As we’ve written above, when playing more types of games you might have problems with perceiving details. Which is why you should select only one type of game that you will turn on in various versions. You can select, for example, slot machines where you try a fruit machine and another, for example, an adventure slot machine. If you want to only watch the spinning of the reels, turn on the automatic spin function and keep an eye on your budget.

3. Make sure that you are well-rested and concentrated

Lack of concentration and fatigue are a major problem in casino games. Mistakes from lack of concentration often lead to financial loses and mental discomfort. Turn on more games at the same time only if you are rested and concentrated enough. Don’t play in late-night hours or at designated rest times.

4. Don’t make maximum bets for a maximum number of winning lines

When playing more slot machines at the same time, make smaller bets with a smaller number of winning lines. If you have a taste to “play big”, turn on the games one-by-one. Do not try to speed up luck because you might achieve the opposite.

Parallel playing as a comparison tool

Parallel playing may serve well when comparing individual games. If you can’t decide between two similar games, turn them on at the same time. Select the free versions of individual games and fit them to your screen in such a way so that they are visible well.

Then you can compare, try and perceive which of the games is the right one for you. You can also compare, for example, the game’s speed, number of winning lines, winning rate of the symbols, the graphics, and bonus rounds.


Playing on multiple slot machines may be a serious player challenge and it’s definitely not worth such a level of risk. This player’s style is something we recommend only as an opportunity to compare casino games while playing for free and not as a method for speeding up the game and increasing the winnings. If you want to fully enjoy the fun at an online casino, go back to the “good-old” method of playing and turn on your favorite games one at a time.

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