Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots

2016-04-12 09:26:42 - Braňo "Ace"

Have you ever caught yourself hypnotically gazing at the rapidly increasing number on the small display of a slot machine? This total is referred to as the progressive jackpot. Every player in the world dreams of hitting this jackpot at least once in their lives.

Jackpot – it started with a pot

The term "jackpot" was coined in around 1870. It originates from the poker game called "Jacks or Better". Players would place their bets in a big pot and only won if they showed a hand with a pair of "Jacks or Better". The total in the pot grew if no player had a qualifying hand with the bank on occasions holding a very tidy sum. Ever since then, Jackpot refers to the location where money from bets (or a percentage of bets) accumulates.

What are progressive jackpots

Casinos and gambling arcades have different types of slot machines. At first glance, they look identical, but a closer look reveals massive differences. To simplify matters it is possible to divide slot machines into 3 types:

  • Standalone
  • Casino (local)
  • Community

Standalone slot machines

Basic slot machines are standalone. It is a simple machine, which is not connected to any other slot machine, or a community of slot machines. The jackpot you can win consists of the money you, as well as the players before you, deposited into the machine. Simply put, you deposit money into the machine and you win the sum of money that is associated with your given winning combination on the slot machine.

Casino slot machines – local jackpot

The name speaks for itself. Casino slot machines are machines interconnected within a single casino, or gambling arcade. The bonus - casino jackpot - you play for on these machines starts to become very interesting. The total increases by adding a percentage of all the bets placed on the slot machines within the casino. This jackpot can rise to a very handsome sum in larger casinos.

Community slot machines – community jackpot

Community slot machines and community jackpots represent the highest level of evolution in terms of progressive jackpots. They work on an identical principle as casino slot machines, the only difference being that the range of machines is much larger. If a casino chain has the same type of slot machines in various cities or countries, the jackpot quickly grows, becoming a very high total. Although your chances of winning are lower, the prize is a lot more enticing. It is very similar to playing online slot machines – the same slot machines can be found in many casinos and one central jackpot accumulates across all the casinos that have this slot machine in their lineup. This is how community jackpots on the internet become worth millions of euros.

How can you win a progressive jackpot?

Truth be told, it is not easy. If it were easy, there would not be that many jackpots that are worth millions. Pay attention to the rules – on many slot machines you only play for the progressive jackpot prize when you play all winning lines. Winning the jackpot is pure luck.

Always a chance to win the jackpot

Just so you know there is a chance, here is some motivation. The largest progressive jackpot to date was won in October 2015. A player at the Betway Casino in Great Britain, placed a £30 deposit in the Mega Moolah slot machine and won an astounding €17,879,645.12. This record was officially acknowledged in the Guinness Book of World Records. Just believe it can happen. With a little patience, you can become a millionaire.

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