Slot machine terms

Slot machine terms

2018-05-24 11:12:54 - Braňo "Ace"

Learn or refresh your memory of the specific terms and notions used when playing slot machines. Check the meaning of these terms in our termbase.


  • 3-Reel – A three-reel slot machine. These usually come with three reels and three lines.


  • 5-Reel – A five-reel slot machine. These are usually video slot machines with 3 or 4 lines.


  • All Ways – A slot machine with a large number of winning lines, which pays out wins from both directions, i.e., both from left to right and from right to left.
  • Autospin – A function which allows players to set a number of spins to be made, without requiring him/her to manually spin each round separately.
  • AWP (Amusement With Prizes) – Classical old-time slot machines with fruit symbols.


  • Bet – Determines the amount of money that the player bet on one spin of the slot machine.
  • Bonus Round – A special function which allows players to win money above the scope of their classical winning spin. These usually come in the form of free spins or bonus cash.
  • Branded Slots – Slot machines with a license on a specific topic such as a movie, TV show or a famous person.


  • Cascading Reels – A function in some slot machines which replaces symbols in the winning combination by other symbols. This allows the creation of new winning combination in sequence, i.e., as a cascade within a single spin.
  • Classic (Classic slots) – Classic slot machines, most often with three reels and only few winning lines, without bonuses and other special functions.
  • Coin Size – The value of the current bet.
  • Coins – The player’s coins.
  • Cold Slot – A slang term for slot machines which did not pay out any win (or only small wins) recently.


  • Drops – A function of certain online slot machines, where instead of spinning reels symbols drop directly into the respective lines.


  • Feature – A special property of a given slot machine, such as bonus rounds.
  • Freeplay / Free-to-play – Casinos allow players to try out slot machines free of charge and familiarize themselves with how they work. Of course, wins from freeplay games are not paid out.
  • Free Spins – A free spin. A form of bonus you obtain from a certain combination of symbols.
  • Fruit Machine – Popular, classical slot machines with fruit symbols.


  • Gamble – A function which allows you to potentially double your win in a single round.


  • Hot Slot – A slang name for slot machines which often pay out wins or paid out a large win. Their current RTP (over the past hour, day) significantly exceeds the average.


  • Icons – Symbols and images on slot machine reels.


  • Jackpot – The highest possible win in a slot machine. It can either be fixed or gradually grow as games are played until someone wins the jackpot.


  • Lines – The winning lines of a slot machine.


  • Maximum Bet – Modern slot machines have a Max Bet button which will immediately set your bet to the maximum allowed value.
  • Multi-line – Today this is the standard. It refers to slot machines with more than one winning line.
  • Multi-way – A slot machine which offers several ways to obtain a winning combination.
  • Multiplier – A special bonus function which can multiply your win by a fixed number.


  • Nudge – A special bonus which allows players to “nudge” the reels up or down.


  • One-armed Bandit – A legendary slot machine; its reels are spun via a lever located on the side of the machine.
  • Online Slot – A slot machine that you can play online.


  • Payline – A winning line consisting of symbols which guarantee a certain win.
  • Payout – The amount of money paid by the slot machine after getting a payline.
  • Paytable – A table listing the rules, bonuses and wins for individual winning combinations.
  • Penny Slots – A slang term for slot machines which allow very low bets.
  • Pick Me – A bonus round where a player chooses one out of several symbols, where each symbol represents a certain value or additional bonus.
  • Progressive Jackpot – a jackpot which gradually grows. The slot machine adds a certain amount of money into the jackpot from each bet. The jackpot can either be local or shared between several slot machines in a network.

(this termbase is regularly updated and expanded, so feel free to come back in the future)

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