Would you like to have the advantages of VIP ?

Would you like to have the advantages of VIP ?

2015-05-08 18:49:51 - Braňo "Ace"

There are numerous myths and rumours about high rollers, or VIP players, and the way casinos behave towards them. The most common myth about them is that they are addicted people who gamble away a great deal of money. However, nothing is further from the truth than this statement.

Another myth is that casinos want big players to lose in their facilities. This is wrong, too. It is important for casinos that a player turns over money with them and not loses constantly. Nobody enjoys losing long-term, and there is nothing simpler than just leaving for a different casino.

So what does it actually mean to be a VIP player?

Simply speaking, it means advantages. You get access to tournaments and games with bigger prizes. The possibility to watch top sports events in VIP boxes, or an exotic holiday for free is not unusual, either. And you get more interesting bonuses and your chances to get them are higher. Faster selection of games, instant customer support etc. are commonplace. And if such players do not fare well in the long term, the casino will certainly find a way to encourage them, so that they do not give up.

How to become a VIP player?

The VIP status of a player derives from their activity and loyalty in a majority of casinos. If a person plays in a casino regularly, places higher bets, uses bonuses and participates in promos, the casino notices that and makes sure not to lose such a player.

Better casinos create individual VIP programs for players. In them, the players can see their progress and level. Of course, it is necessary to be careful, especially when not playing in renowned casinos. Smaller providers often perceive VIP players subjectively. This problem will certainly not appear in big and well-known companies. They have no reason to speculate or behave in an unbusinesslike fashion.

Where is the best VIP program?

It is entirely up to you where you play. However, if you cannot find a casino that suits you, and you do not know the whole market, contact us. We are experienced and have knowledge about the gaming industry. After speaking to you, we will certainly find a custom-made VIP program for you. We see that we recommend only quality and verified casinos that behave correctly towards their clients.

In order for us to be able to help you, we have to have at least a basic knowledge of your demands. Just send us an e-mail to vipclub@grisio.com and we will contact you.

I wish to enjoy the advantages of a VIP player
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