What is the Gamble function

What is the Gamble function

2018-12-03 00:00:00 - Braňo "Ace"

Gamble, often also called risk, is a function that is offered by most slot machines and which can at least double your win. And, if you’re lucky, it can move your winnings into a completely new dimension. At the same time, the idea behind it is really simple.

How to start the gamble function in online slot machines?

The basic prerequisite for accessing the gamble function is winning at least on one winning line. The game will then offer the option of immediately adding your prize to your account. But if you feel that your prize is too small or simply want to boost it, then the little devil that’s always sitting next to your head will surely whisper in your ear: “click on the gamble button.”

The principle and various alternatives of the gamble function

Unless you resist that urge, you will be taken to a separate minigame. Of course, the game itself differs from slot machine to slot machine, but the principle is always the same. In most cases, you see a pack of cards and you need to choose one out of two options. Most frequently, you choose one color out of two (black or red). After making your choice, you’ll then see the top card from the pack - if it has the same color as the one you picked, your prize is doubled. But if you didn’t win the bet, you lose everything you won.

Some online slot machines will only allow you to double your prize once, while others will let you double up several times until you reach a certain pre-defined limit. But there is always the risk that each gamble will end up with you losing your whole prize. Or, well, almost always. Some slot machines can let you save one half of your prize and keep it safe - meaning you won’t lose that.

As we mentioned above, the gamble function may be based on several principles. Instead of color you might be asked to choose one out of two symbols, a higher/lower value of a card and so forth. And in fact the game doesn't need to be card-based at all. Some slot games hry instead offer a coin flip and ask you to choose heads or tails. Newer games sometimes also offer a kind of a “wheel of fortune”. This contains fields which represent winning, losing, and some even have versions with a “bank” field that allows you to save the whole prize or its half (depending on the slot machine). Another highly popular alternative among players is the implementation of a gamble mode that lets you play a click and pick bonus minigame where your goal is to find a picture which represents multiplying your win - although you might also end up losing your prize.

Take a risk, or always take the safe win?

We certainly recommend trying the gamble function at least once. You don't need to risk too frequently - just use it when your prize is small, and with a bit of luck you’ll be adding a nice extra to your bank. It can be worth it - you’ll see.

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