Mad Mechanic Deluxe

Mad Mechanic Deluxe

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Apollo Games
Author: Apollo Games
Theme: Adventure
Release date: 10/2018
Reels: 5 reels, 3 rows
Winning lines: 5 fixed winning lines
Return to Player (RTP): 95%
Volatility: Medium
Jackpot: No
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Variable Wild symbol (Shifting Wild, Random Appear Wild, Expanding Wild), bonus games, free spins, Scatter Bonus symbol.

We love steampunk and online slots with this theme are desperately missing. Anyone that at least read the stories of captain Nemo or fell in love with the League of extraordinary gentlemen, will understand that the merging of the past with the future has a difficult to describe beauty. And so we’ve jumped straight away to the Mad Mechanic Deluxe online slot machine from Apollo Games. Online slot machines from Apollo have a specific atmosphere and a unique style which is why we like them.

This is the real steampunk

Although this is basically a simple slot machine where five reels spin on three rows and you can win on a humble five fixed winning lines, you won’t be bored for a minute. You just have to turn on the slot and you’ll quickly be transported to a beautiful world where steam engines and smart robotic things are the cruces.

Graphics-wise this is one of the most beautiful slots that you can play on the Slovak market. It could be more dynamic during the spinning of the reels but this small shortage is fully compensated by the animations that are turned on during wins or bonus functions. Some functions have several of them. Hats off for Apollo Games that they felt the need to tweak their slot this much. On top of that, everything has great sound and throughout the game, you will feel that you’re in the middle of a workshop of some crazy inventor that’s making his dream come true. And you might not even notice that there’s no music playing, because it’s missing.

We have nothing to criticize about the visuals, maybe just the lower control bar could be filled with more buttons. After all, turning on autoplay or changing the height of your bet by having to click into a not so great menu is not ideal and it somewhat pulled us out of the playing rhythm.

A bonus with a proper displacement

We couldn’t stay mad for long though, because the bonuses were incredibly fun. It’s been a long time since we were looking forward to a bonus symbol not only because we’d win a nice prize. The bonuses have their own animations and those were really fun even after several hours of playing. And there truly are a lot of them.

Apollo really managed great tricks and magic with the Wild symbol, we thought we’d seen all sorts of Wild symbols but this slot machine made us think otherwise. Why don't you judge for yourself.

The Wild symbol itself is a standard as any other, it replaces a missing symbol in a winning combination, and can thus change them to winning. But that's only the start. When the reels stop with you not winning anything, a few functions may turn on at random.

You start with the Shifting Wild function. In this case, after a non-winning combination a Wild symbol randomly appears on the reels which then stays there for the following spins. It moves by one reel to the left after every spin. It works like this until it disappears from the first reel on the left. And watch out, because these spins are free, they are basically free spins during which the Wild symbol can help you win.

But that’s not at all the end of the Wild symbol. There is also the Random Appear Wild function. It also starts at random. It is once again activated after a non-winning spin. After the reels stop spinning, the animation starts and several selected symbols on the field turn into Wild symbols. You can thus once again get a winning combination to donate to your account.

We’re not over yet, only about halfway. Another variant of the Wild symbol is the Expanding Wild which you probably know well. After the spin is done, the Wild symbol randomly appears on the screen and then it stretches to the entire reel. It can create a win in every new winning line.

OK, the Wild symbol is leaving the scene and the real steampunk is jumping on. Because the Bonus Reel Replacement function uses a robot for its mechanism. The robot can randomly show up behind the reels (also after a non-winning spin) and it removes one to three reels from the slot. In their place, it puts back new symbols and will thus give you a new chance at winning.

The robot is also used by the Reel spin bonus. Once again the condition is a non-winning round. During that, it can happen, that the robot’s hand comes out from the bottom of the screen and it spins several reels with it. This way, new symbols show up on the playing field and with them the chance to win.

At the very end, there is the Scatter Bonus symbol. It is very generous in the Mad Mechanic Deluxe slot. As little as two of them on the reels will pay out a prize. The real fun will begin when you get 3 or more on the field. For such a number of scatter symbols, you will be rewarded with free spins. You get 10 free spins for three symbols, 20 for four and for 5 scatter symbols on the reels, you get 30 free spins. In the bonus rounds, you also have a guarantee that the Wild symbol will be shining on the reels so you can bet that you’ll get an even nicer prize. And that’s about everything relating to the bonus symbols.

Play the Mad Mechanic Deluxe slot for free

We can’t even remember when we had as much fun playing a slot machine as we did with the Mad Mechanic Deluxe. We definitely recommend it. And even more so, if you’re unsure with such a number of bonuses, you can try it out for free and test out strategies for playing. Fingers crossed.

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