Midnight Fruits 81

Midnight Fruits 81

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Apollo Games
Author: Apollo Games
Theme: Fruit slot machines
Release date: October 2018
Reels: 4 reels, 3 rows
Winning lines: 81 winning lines
Return to Player (RTP): 94,9 %
Volatility: Medium
Jackpot: No
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Wild symbol, Cashback bonus, autoplay

Fruit slot machines are a classic among classics. You won't find anything more traditional in the world of slot machines. They survived from the very beginnings of the gambling industry, and they are sure not getting ready to retire. Even we were surprised at what can be imagined on the spinning reels with fruit symbols. There are companies that still know how to bring something new to this slightly old pond. Apollo Games tried it in the Midnight Fruits 81 online slot with a good serving of winning lines and creative visuals. Did it work?

The midnight world full of neons

Midnight Fruits aren't just the most classic representative of fruit slots. After all, there are 4 reels which aren't the most used configuration. Three rows are common, but what makes this slot unique are the winning lines. There’s up to 81 of them and they are fixed so that you cannot change the number of them while playing.

What hits the eyes even more than the quad of reels on the playing screen is the slot's visuals. The 81 in the name is a reference to the number of winning lines but it could also be a reference to the year from which this slot took its inspiration. The ‘80s were a strong period of neon colors and signs. If you remember the cult classic movie Tron from this period, you know what we’re talking about.

The neons are the main thing you see when playing and we have to admit, it has its charm. Instead of the traditional drawn symbols of fruit, you have neon contours blinking at you and if nothing else, it looks interesting and original. Sometimes, there’s a bit too much blinking but we got used to it and liked it.

A lack of bonus functions

We weren't happy with everything. The game bonuses slightly disappointed us. We understand that the lure is the 81 lines paying out wins, but if you ask us, only one Wild symbol and a Cashback bonus are too few to keep us interested for a long time.

The Wild symbol also doesn't have any special function, it doesn't expand nor multiply the wins. It’s simply a joker that can replace missing symbols in some winning combinations. Nothing more.

The Cashback bonus although a bit more interesting isn't anything that could lift you off your chair. Its principle is that while playing it randomly activates after the end of the given round and it can pay out some extra money. There's nothing else here even though we looked thoroughly and went through all the corners of the slot.

Play the Midnight Fruits 81 in a casino for free for

We would definitely evaluate the Midnight Fruits online slot better if we weren’t let down by the weak bonuses. If you're not one of those that consider bonus functions important and only thrive on graphics, this slot machine might be your cup of tea. If you like disco from the eighties, you should at least try spinning the reels although just for free, even in the fast mode with autoplay.

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