Winning lines on a slot machine

Winning lines on a slot machine

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The perfect player’s experience can be affected by many factors. We differently perceive games with varying graphics, themes or the RTP height. If you want to enjoy a full-featured game, you should also focus on another aspect that is winning lines. How many winnings lines should you play on and how to take the most advantage of them?

What are winning lines?

Winning lines are the imaginary lines that are present along the slot machine. They can be parallel or curved. The start and end of the winning line are usually marked with points or numbers on both sides of the slot machine. The individual winning lines are usually separated by color so that it is easier for the player to orient themselves on the playing field.

The winning lines of a slot machine are the “path to success”. When the winning combination of symbols shows up on this “path”, you will get a prize. The winning symbols don’t have to show up on the entire line, every slot machine has the minimum number of symbols listed in the description as well as the valid winning combination. The winning lines are usually activated from left to right but some are also valid in both ways.

Types of winning lines

Fixed winning lines

Slot machines with a fixed number of winning lines have them firmly set, their number may not be set in any way, increased nor decreased. Players, therefore, can’t be inventive and they all play with the same number of winning lines. For many, such a slot machine is an advantage as they don't have to consider the various ways of playing.

We can find fixed winning lines in slot machines such as the Book of Secrets, Butterfly Staxx, Joker Pro, and Jimi Hendrix.

Selectable winning lines

Selectable winning lines give players the option to what number of winning lines they want to play with. Every game has a listed minimum and maximum number of winning lines. Usually, the higher the number of winning lines you are playing with, the higher the bet per one spin of the reels. But the chance of getting a winning combination also goes up.

You can select the winning lines in slot machines such as Retro Reels Extreme Heat, Dizzy Hot, or 300 Shields from NextGen Gaming.

Lineless slot machines

A special case is slot machines without winning lines. Prizes are paid out based on the combinations of symbols on individual reels. Basically, these are slot machines with a maximum number of winning lines in relation to the number of reels and lines.

Among lineless slot machines are, for example, the 4-reel slot Fruit Awards (81 possibilities for a win), 5-reel slot Twin Spin (243 possibilities for a win), or the 4-reel and 4-line slot Vampire Bride with 256 opportunities to win.

Non-traditional slot machines

There are also games with a non-traditional design where the symbols do not spin on reels but fill themselves into the playing field. An example of such a slot machine is the Germinator or Emoji Planet games. The winning combinations are made up of identical symbols anywhere on the playing field and they are added with non-traditional gaming bonuses.

How many winning lines should you set up?

The ideal number of active winning lines does not exist. It depends on your gameplay method and your expectations. The ideal number of active winning lines depends on:

  • Your budget for playing games
  • Your player’s style, whether you’re an occasional player or a regular player
  • the bets that you want to place per spin
  • other possibilities of the slot machine, for example, many jackpots are only played for with the maximum number of active winning lines

The number of winning lines would be determined from the slot machine you are playing and from the bets, you are making. It is not recommended to activate the maximum number of winning lines in combination with the maximum bet if you’re only starting out with playing. This is something experienced VIP players can try.

Play in such a way that you have fun

The number of winning lines should be selected in line with the principles of responsible playing. Thanks to a higher number of winning lines, you can win more often but you can also very quickly spend your budget.

If you want to test out what number of winning lines suits you the most, you don't have to immediately turn on a real-money game. Try out the online slot machines for free. During playing in the fun mode, you can try out if you will enjoy the game with the minimum number of winning lines and betting the maximum or if you’re looking for a way through the middle. Keep in mind, however, that slot machines are not about big winnings but mainly about perfect fun.

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