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An alternative scene, alternative artists, simply put, being alternative today is in style and so it’s no surprise that this trend got into casino games. The term alternative slot machine is what Microgaming uses to describe its Germinator slot machine. And what’s so different about it, anyway? Well, to be honest, everything.

The fantastic world of microorganisms

Forget the classical spinning on reels, wild or scatter symbols, free spins and similar convinces of classical slot machines. The Germinator has a different approach, a familiar one but still different. Even here, your goal is to create a winning line out of the monsters called Germs (microorganisms) but it doesn’t happen by spinning reels. The individual rows are simply exchanged here from left to right. It will take you a while to get used to it but it won’t take long.

As we wrote, the goal of the game, just in classical fruit slot machines is to get 3 or more identical symbols (germs) next to each other in a winning line. But here it can be anywhere either horizontally or vertically on a 6x6 playing field. This means you can win on as many as twelve winning lines.

As soon as you create a winning line, you’ll be granted the winnings and this specific line will disappear from the game window. The newly freed spaces will automatically be filled with new symbols thanks to which a new winning combination may be created. The rule about winning lines being removed and new ones appearing is still here. Meaning that once you press the Play button, you can win a fairly large sum of money during a single game but you’ll need to have a bit of luck with your germs.

An alternative which doesn’t say no to bonuses

Not even the Germinator is avoiding traditional things that work. Which is why you’ll find special symbols that will ensure you a bonus functionality. It’s called a Medi bonus and it has a very interesting use.

It gets activated when 3 or more Medi special symbols are shown in the game window. But it must stay in the playing field even after your winnings are added for the complete winning line. The advantage of the bonus is that you can select all the symbols of a single kind on the playing field and these symbols then disappear. Their place is taken by new symbols. Which will allow you to get additional winnings.

This may look complicated at first glance but the opposite is true. The rules of the game will quickly get in your blood. The very pleasant experience of playing is supported by the nice visuals. The Germs are cute, animated, so there’s always something happening on the screen and you won’t be bored. The atmosphere is enhanced by the sounds and quite pleasant music which luckily doesn’t become annoying even after prolonged listening.

Try out the Germinator for free

The Germinator online slot machine is something we can recommend and you’ll certainly have fun playing it. It’s mainly intended for experienced players but even newbies needn’t be afraid of it. If we got you interested and you want to try out the game, you can use the opportunity to play the Germinator for free. This will allow you to get used to the rules without the risk of losing money. So get on with trying.

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