Crystal Land

Crystal Land

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Playson
Theme: Alternative
Release date: 10/2017
Reels: 7 reels, 7 rows
Winning lines: non-linear
Return to Player (RTP): 95,2 %
Volatility: Medium
Jackpot: Yes
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: wild symbol, free spins, scatter symbol, leveling

Alternative online slot machines may not have it easy in the competition of classical slot machines but the quality ones find their place in the selection of good casinos. That is also the case with the Crystal Land slot machine which avoids the term standard slot machine with style.

A combination of a mobile game and online slot

The Crystal Land online slot machine was created under the wings of the company Playson and at first glance, it is visible that they’ve been inspired by successful mobile games such as “connect 3” or in this case “connect 5”. We like this concept and so we were curious to see how did Playson manage to implement the successful mechanics into the environment of online slot machines.

At first glance, the slot strikes with its graphics or respectively with its entire visuals. Those are quite well done and one often catches themselves wanting to touch the colorful, shiny and tempting crystals. The design of the slot is quality and top level. We’ll admit, however, that with games from Playson we don’t expect anything else than a traditionally highly set bar for visuals.

What isn’t traditional however is the gameplay. Forget about lines and forget about winning paths. In Crystal Land, the principal is based on something else. The gaming field has a size of 7 x 7 boxes and your task is to spin a winning combination on these boxes with a minimum of 5 neighboring symbols. While it doesn't matter whether these symbols are neighboring horizontally or vertically it is important that they are next to each other. If you manage to link 5 symbols, firstly you win the given sum and also, you gain a sort of free spin because the winning symbols disappear and new symbols appear in their place (new symbols appear on the highest row). This is how it works until the moment when there isn't a single winning combination on the field.

A full bag of bonuses

Part of this system is also the fact that in the beginning, you don't have all the boxes of the playing field available. This means that you are not spinning all the boxes on the reel. Up to 25 boxes are locked. They get unlocked one row at a time you spin a winning combination, respectively when you create a new one after removing the previous one. Subsequently, the unlocking of certain rows will unlock special bonuses that are randomly spread across the playing field.

The Wild symbol that replaces missing symbols in a potentially winning combination.

The Ruby Wild also functions as a regular wild symbol and if it becomes part of a winning combination it changes into a symbol of a bomb, it blows up and allows you to replace the original stones with new ones which fall from the row above them.

After unlocking the last row at the very top of the playing field a bonus round is started in which special rules apply. Although it basically works the same as a normal round, after spinning a winning combination and the following disappearance of the winning symbols, no new symbols appear on the playing field. It is, therefore, ideal during this round to get rid of all the symbols with the help of bonuses.

To make matters better, the authors will also confuse you by hiding 3 chests in the playing field. Each chest contains a symbol of a star or it can contain multiple stars. The small chest has 1, the medium 1 through 3 and the large 2 through 4. The stars have a super property in that they work as a win multiplier. Each star is a +1 multiplier which means that the win can be multiplied by up to 9-times. You just have to find all the chests and have luck in finding large numbers.

Additional special symbols will help you achieve higher wins, such as the Magic potion. This is a magic symbol that will save you any time when there’s no winning combination in the playing field. It has the power to change whichever symbol from the field to any symbol that's already present on the field.

Move to a higher level

Another cool thing which we enjoyed in Crystal Land was the leveling. That works like in other classic games. You gain points for wins and when you collect enough you move to a higher level. The difference between computer games and online slot machines is that here the higher level doesn’t reward you with higher winnings but with better bonuses that finally lead to higher winnings.

The game has nine levels and after completing each one of them, you get a reward. You’ll spin it on the wheel of fortune. The first option is a reward in the form of a sum of 5% from all the wins (only wins from the combinations of matching symbols) from the just-completed level. The second type of reward is 2-times 5% of the sum from the previous level. The third option is the piggy bank. The piggy bank will ensure that the entire sum from the just-finished level will be moved to the next level. And with a bit of luck, it is possible to multiply it twice there.

Try Crystal Land for free first

Maybe while reading this you’re thinking that it's really complicated and let’s be honest, at least from the start it is. Everything is made even more complicated with additional bonuses and sub-bonuses so if we're being honest, it happened quite often that we didn't know what for we got a certain benefit.

We definitely don't recommend Crystal Land to complete beginners and we advise the more advanced ones to play the slot for free before the first proper spin of the reels. It’ll take a while before you get acquainted with the basic rules. But then it will be fun. We enjoyed it despite the sometimes chaotic bonus scheme.

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