Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Microgaming
Author: Microgaming
Theme: Alternative slot machine
Reels: 5 reels, 1 row
Winning lines: 1
Return to Player (RTP): 96,4%
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Wild symbol, Bonus symbol, Mystery winnings

Not long ago we reviewed a highly interesting alternative online slot machine called the Germinator, and we’re already back with another alternative game to introduce. But this one is completely different - in fact, the main similarity lies in the fact that it differs from the thousands of mainstream slot machines available on the market.

The treasure of the enchanted woods

Enchanted Woods is developed by Microgaming. And it shows that the company strives not only to introduce new functionalities in their games, but even completely new game experiences. We praise this approach, even though it’s clear to us that slot machines such as Enchanted Woods will never reach the top in terms of online slot machine popularity. And that’s a pity, since the game is really well done.

The fairytale visuals are non-traditional and have really great graphics, invoking images of Ireland and its legends. The sounds also does an excellent job at complementing the gameplay. Indeed, this might be the first time we heard the sound of crickets play from a slot machine. On the other hand, the music left a bit to be desired - it didn't seem to fit this type of game at all, in fact it seemed to be completely at odds with the other sounds presented by the game, and even the cuts and transitions between soundtracks were quite rough.

A single winning line

We really enjoyed playing Enchanted Woods; as mentioned above, it’s an alternative online slot machine. Your goal is to get 3 or more identical symbols in a line, using five reels. What makes the slot machine special is the fact that even though it has 5 reels, there’s just a single line and hence only a single winning line - the central horizontal one. The price of a bet also differs from the usual: one bet means that you get to spin the reels twice. Indeed, after placing your bet you can spin once, and if you didn’t win then you can choose to keep any of the “cards” by using the Hold button. Afterwards only those reels that you didn’t decide to Hold will spin. This means you get a second chance to get a winning line.

Of course, bonuses are also an important part of alternative online slot machines and that’s also the case in Enchanted Woods. In fact, you’ll even find the classical Wild symbol here. As usual, it is used as a wildcard (a joker) which can replace any missing symbol in a winning line. However, it only appears on reels 2 and 4.

The second special symbol that appears on the reels is the Bonus symbol. If you see at least 2 Bonus symbols at the end of a spin, the game will return your whole deposit to you. And if you get 3 or more Bonus symbols, you enter bonus mode. There, a special screen lets you choose from several frogs - choose the right ones to get bonus prizes.

Try out the alternative for free

And that’s basically it - that’s all Enchanted Woods offers. It was enough for us, and even though we were a bit skeptical at first, in the end we spent a fair share of time with the game. It might seem strange, but even playing with a single winning line has its charm. And if you too want to delve into the Enchanted Woods, find an online casino you like and play it there. Or you can play completely for free - giving you the opportunity to completely learn about the rules of the game without your first, uneducated attempts being too costly. In either case, we highly recommend giving this slot machine a try.

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