Emoji Planet

Emoji Planet

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club NetEnt
Author: NetEnt
Theme: Non-traditional entertaining slot machines
Reels: 6 reels, 5 rows
Winning lines: non-traditional
Return to Player (RTP): 96,48%
Volatility: Low / Medium
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Wild symbols, bonus minigames

Emojis (or smileys) are a fairly recent phenomenon that has hit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as other mobile apps like a storm. In fact, today it would be difficult to imagine any online communication without them. After all, sometimes it’s easier to send your loved one a sad smiley than describing your hurt feelings in detail, right?

Well, and it is precisely these emojis that are the main protagonists of Emoji Planet, a slot machine by NET ENTERTAINMENT. The first time we played, we were quite surprised to see that it consists of 6 reels and up to 5 rows – quite a rarity. The actual mechanism used to spin the reels and winning is based on cascading and falling of individual symbols.

A non-traditional slot machine

Forget about classical winning combinations that must start on the very left and continue uninterrupted to the right. Here, your task is to get at least 5 identical symbols adjacent to each other (next to each other, atop of each other... anything goes as long as they are connected). If this happens, the symbols will explode and disappear. They are then replaced by others (this represents a free spin of sorts), allowing you to get even more winning combinations. This continues for as long as the reels keep creating further winning combinations.

A Wild symbol with 5 surprises

The Wild symbol in Emoji Planet is depicted as a star and acts as a wildcard. It substitutes the missing symbols in a potentially winning combination.

Otherwise, the highest-valued symbols are the LOL, alien and smiling poo emoji. Other symbols include a rocket, kiss, pizza triangle, bomb, and two blue hearts. These 5 symbols also have a second function and are depicted on the right of the reels. We’ll call them “bonus symbols”.

If you manage to get a winning combination of, say, 5 of these symbols, in addition to your win the number of symbols will also add up to the aforementioned section on the right. In particular, the bonus symbol will get filled in by 5 pieces. The aim is to have at least 12 pieces in a symbol – this will activate its secondary function. Each bonus symbol has its own, unique properties.

  • Bomb – destroys 8 randomly selected symbols, whereas you’ll earn an immediate cash-out for each destroyed symbol.
  • Pizza – will cause a 3x3 block of randomly selected symbols to appear somewhere on the reels, meaning an immediate win.
  • Kiss – 3 Wild symbols appear on the reels, each with 3 “lives”. They lose a life whenever they are used in a winning combination.
  • Rocket – 10 wild symbols will appear on a randomly selected reels, often leading to multiple winning combinations.
  • 2 hearts – wins will be multiplied by the number of times you filled in the heart pieces +1. For instance, if you collect 12 heart pieces twice during a game, your wins will be tripled.

In a flurry of fun

Emoji Planet might not offer the best graphics – it might, in fact, look like something shoddy the developers drafted in just a few minutes – but we did enjoy a ton of entertainment playing it. Even though at first we had to wait a long time before scoring a win, it was worth it in the end. If you manage to ride a wave of activated symbols with secondary functions, the wins can make your head spin. Anyway, try it out for yourselves and see.

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