Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Betsoft
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Whenever we speak with slot machine players, non-traditional entertaining slots come up more and more in our conversations. These generally refer to slot machines with non-traditional gameplay where payouts are based on different game mechanics. And Sugar Pop, which we are reviewing today, is one such slot machine.

At the beginning, we had some doubts about it, since it seemed reminiscent of the first wave of smartphone games. But all it took was a few spins to move us from doubtful to enthusiastic. Betsoft simply knows how to make good games, and Sugar Pop is one of their TOP games.

Sugar Pop: top-notch visuals full of goodies

A book should not be judged by its cover, but in case of Sugar Pop already the visuals seem to suggest that the game will be interested. Betsoft games feature a lot of details, and in this case all the minor details managed to impress us. The graphics are truly “sugary”. And even though we don’t consider ourselves to be enthusiastic consumers of sweets, playing Sugar Pop instinctively made us scan our surroundings for any freely placed sweets (or at least gummy bears, as a consolation prize). In fact, we believe you’ll be tempted to do the same when playing.

Smart ways of winning

The game field looks traditional at first glance, there’re 5 columns and 5 rows containing symbols - sweets in this case. Your task is to create a winning combination consisting of at least three winning symbols. How? In any way possible. There can be nearly infinitely many winning lines. The aim is to have symbols placed next to each other; it does not matter whether this happens horizontally or vertically.

After creating a winning line and giving the respective payout, the original symbols on the line explode and are immediately replaced by new ones - in particular, symbols located just above them drop in their place. These symbols can then create additional winning combinations. This means that a single spin can lead to several “moves”, and several wins. Winning combinations consisting of 4 and 5 identical symbols even create super-symbols and bomb symbols.


If a winning line consisting of four identical symbols appears, this will create a multiplier symbol. This means that if the replacement of the dropped symbols creates a new winning line including the multiplier symbol, the win from the combination will be multiplied by x2.

Bomb symbols

Bomb symbols activate if there is a winning line consisting of five identical symbols. If a new winning line is created after the new symbols replace the old ones and this line includes the bomb symbol, all symbols in the field with the same color as the bomb symbol will explode and be replaced with new ones.

A whole new level thanks to the special symbols

Sugar Pop has many other bonuses in addition to the super-symbol and the bomb symbol. Indeed, there’s plenty of special symbols to discover. But these depend on the level you're currently at.

While playing, you’ll not only get payouts but also a score - for instance for getting a bonus shape or for winning combinations. After reaching a certain number points, indicated both numerically and graphically (a glass that gradually fills up), you proceed to the next level. This opens up new bonus symbols and especially new special symbols.

There are up to ten special symbols, and each of them offers a special action if you can activate it. We found this special flavor very entertaining – it’s a breath of fresh air that simply does not have any equivalent in classical slot machines.

Play Sugar Pop for free

Sugar Pop might seem complicated at first glance, but it’s in fact not true. All elements will quickly become familiar to you, and after only a few games you’ll be feeling right at home. But to make sure you don’t lose your money during these first testing games, we recommend a free trial first. This will allow you to discover and try out new things without the fear of losing money.

And if you haven’t encountered any alternative slot machine to date, Sugar Pop is an excellent first step towards the discovery of the world of non-traditional slots. We found it very entertaining and think that you will probably like it too – so go ahead and give it a spin.

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