Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Betsoft
Author: Betsoft
Theme: Adventure
Release date: 07/2014
Reels: 5 reels, 3 rows
Winning lines: 30 optional winning lines
Return to Player (RTP): 96.5%
Volatility: Medium
Jackpot: Yes
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Free spins, bet multipliers, cumulative jackpot.

We don't dare to guess how many players will know Robert Louis Stevenson but we’re willing to bet that his book Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is known by all of them. And Betsoft did very well when they made this interesting piece the central theme of a slot machine with the same name.

Classic from Betsoft

Games from Betsoft not only divide players but also our editorial staff. Because they are so specific. Not only with their very notably stylized drawn 3D graphics but also with their bonuses and the number of bonuses, tons of bonuses. Simply put, online slot machines from Betsoft contain so many special games that you sometimes don’t even know what you’ve spun or what bonus game you've entered. Some people like it and some don’t and it’s about half and a half with our staff. It’s important to note that the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot machine does not turn away from this standard, quite the opposite it could serve as the demonstration piece.

Graphically though-out slot machine

But let’s take it one step at a time. After turning on this game, the visuals will immediately please you. The graphics but also the sounds and the entire detailed world are amazing. Truly a pleasure to play. Everything is dynamic, reactive and worked-out to the last detail. The characters also have their charm and they aren’t typical flat figures typically used in other machines. If you like to enjoy yourselves while spinning reels, you’ll be happy and we can guarantee that you won’t want to stop playing.

Under this exclusive piece is the most classical of classics. 5 reels, 3 rows, 30 optional winning lines. And that’s about all that’s ordinary about this slot machine because as soon as the reels spin, you’ll be pulled into the vortex of wins and bonuses from which it is hard to get out.

Bonuses, bonuses, and some more bonuses.

Bonuses are liked by everyone. Some like the normal, simple ones and others thrive on creativity. The latter will feel like a fish in water with this slot machine. Although, we’ll admit that it was a little too much for us. But let’s take it step-by-step.

The Wild Symbol is a bonus that you’ll find on every slot machine and it’s not absent here either. It wouldn’t be Betsoft, however, if they didn’t mix it up a bit. And so there are two wild symbols. The Wild Hyde symbol is the classical symbol that replaces missing symbols in a winning combination. It can also create its own winning combination. Then there is the Logo symbol. It’s a special Wild symbol that works only with the symbols of Dr. Jekyll a Mr. Hyde, those can get you into other bonus minigames. If you get at least two of the mentioned symbols + one Logo symbol, you get the bonus game.

There are tons of bonus games. Let's start with the symbols of Jekyll and Hyde. If you spin the symbol of Mr. Hyde on the central reel and you’ll also get a symbol of the blue elixir on the adjacent reels (2 and 4) you’ll get a special bonus that will multiply your current bet by a factor between 5-times and 20-times. A similar mechanism also works with Jekyll except you have to spin the red elixir next to his symbol. If you manage that, the bonus is yours but this time with a different result. After starting the bonus, all of the symbols on the reels start shaking and randomly change positions. After they settle, additional winning combinations may be created in new winning lines.

While playing, you may notice a tube with the red elixir in the middle of the screen under the reels. This is an important indicator of how close you are to free spins. The mechanism for getting free spins works in such a way that you have to fill the tube of red liquid. The tube gets filled with a small dose every time you get a flask with the red elixir on the reels. It gets fully filled after 10 doses at which point you get free spins. Their number depends on how quickly the tube is filled with the blue elixir. All you have to do is spin the flask with blue elixir 5-times on the reels and the free spins are over. Moving from one mode to the other is very nicely animated so you always see Jekyll drinks the red elixir and after the free spins are over Hyde drinks the blue one.

We mostly liked the Frenzy bonus. The Frenzy bonus activates during a certain combination of symbols on the playing field. You have to have Mr. Hyde on reel 2, the Logo symbol has to fall on reel 3 and Mr. Hyde must be on reel 4 again. If you manage that, the real fun and real minigame starts. You transfer to the body of Mr. Hyde and by clicking the directional arrows you are determining the direction that Hyde wanders through the streets of London. During his adrenaline-filled “walk”, Hyde wanders, steals and meets with the police so it is truly an adrenaline event. The main prize of this bonus is up to 66-times your original bet. Another important element of the game is sneaking around sleeping police officers. You end when you meet a police officer that isn’t asleep.

The last bonus (we promise) is the Potions bonus or the so-called mixing of elixirs. It is an equivalent of the previous bonus except that the symbols of Mr. Hyde are exchanged for Dr. Jekyll and you have to get the Logo symbol between them. After this minigame turns on, your task is to select 6 correct ingredients in the shortest amount of time to mix the correct serum. Be careful, the time is very important. You’ll get a big prize only if you’ll be fast.

Play the online slot machine Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde for free

You’ll see for yourselves that we didn't lie and that the slot machine with doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has something to offer. Perhaps, in the beginning, it can be truly chaotic so in that case, don’t try playing on multiple slot machines at the same time. And it won’t be a shame to try it out for free. Take advantage of that and dare to walk the streets of dark London to bring back some nice wins.

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