Aztec Treasures

Aztec Treasures

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Betsoft

The year was 1519 when the expedition led by the Spanish commander Hernán Cortés started conquering the mythical Aztec empire. After a bloody and ruthless war, the Spanish, after all, managed to get the entire territory of Mexico and they held it for the following 300 years.

Probably the most interesting “Aztec” piece of literature is the book from the legendary Karl May called The Aztec Treasure which is built on the search for the hidden treasure of this Indian tribe. In 1965, the story was made into a movie by director Robert Siodmak in which the lead role was portrayed by none other than Lex Barker.

A funny Aztec adventure from BETSOFT

The company BETSOFT that has been producing innovative 3D casino games for more than 10 years got inspired by the Aztec theme. It launched the Aztec Treasures slot machine to the market. We have to warn you ahead, however, that the creators have added a bit of humor to the game. The main protagonist is a fat guy that loves both women and gold.

Aztec Treasures is an online slot machine comprised of 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 winning lines which you may set to your liking. The winning combinations are only valid from left to right. In case you spin more winning combinations in one line, the highest one counts. In case of more winning combinations on multiple lines, the value of the winnings is summed up.

Bonuses and bonus games everywhere

The offer of bonus games on the Aztec Treasures online slot machine is so wide that there is no chance of being bored when playing it. The Cottage of love, The Aztec chamber of treasures, Kiss me, The Aztec calendar, free spins, and the Wild symbol. These are bonus additions during which spinning the reels is an incredible adventure.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol depicts a spear stuck in the ground. It functions as a joker meaning that it substitutes the missing symbols in a potentially winning line. It does not, however, replace the missing symbol where it shows up but it does so wherever our main protagonist moves it to (we found this animation to be too long).

The Cottage of love

When you spin 3 cottage symbols anywhere on the line, you will move to a new screen. Then you have to select with what gift you will please two semi-naked ladies standing in front of the cottage. You have the option of a necklace, flower bouquet or gems. Then you have to wait how much pleasure the main protagonist will receive in the cottage and how many coins the ladies will reward him with. You may receive up to 14,000 coins.

Gemstone bonus

Part of the reels is also a symbol of a gemstone in three color versions. If you collect all of them, you will move to another screen – The Secret chamber of Aztec treasures. In it, you will select 3 chambers behind which gold coins are hiding. You may receive up to 2,250 coins.


By spinning at least 3 symbols of a Gecko anywhere on the reels, you will receive free spins. During which you may repeatedly spin the Gecko symbol which means additional free spins.

The Aztec calendar

When spinning at least 3 symbols of the golden Aztec calendar, you will receive an immediate bonus. You select it from an icon of the calendar. You may receive up to 20,000 coins.

Kiss me

This bonus mode is activated if you spin two Aztec ladies on reels 2 and 4, and a chief on reel 3. The entire central reel will change into one giant wild symbol with an x2 multiplier.

The Aztec Treasures slot machine is also for free

As the conclusion of our review, we have to honestly admit that the Aztec Treasures online slot machine truly amused us and we’ve spent more time on it than we had planned. The only drawback of this game is that you cannot skip the 3D animations. In the beginning, they are amusing, but after the fourth or fifth time, they start being annoying and there is no way to skip them. But despite that, we have liked this online slot a lot and we like going back to it. And you might do the same. Try it in the free mode.

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