Alternative slots

Alternative slots

Non-traditional slot machines

Online casinos offer thousands of excellent slot machines which offer extraordinary adventures to players. You can search for treasures, discover lost worlds, conquer the universe or fight terrible monsters. A single click is all that separates you from a great experience and generous prizes.

But no matter how enticing and well-made, over time these classical slot machines may begin to bore you. And, aside from the offered prizes, you’d be hard pressed to search for reasons to play them again. Basically, the never-ending process of spinning three or five reels in several lines, with the same wild and scatter symbols, will bore and discourage even the biggest slot machine fans over time.

That is why you should always pay attention when you see an “alternative” slot machine. These non-traditional slot machines differ from the classical design paradigms of traditional slot machines in one or several functions. And you might not have heard about them before, because they often do not rank among the most played titles. But that's not because they’re bad. It's just that players are not used to them. They think that learning the rules would take too much time. However, alternative slot machines definitely have an important place and our own experience is that they can often provide much better entertainment than classical ones.

You yourselves can try them out – alternative slot machines such as Germinator or Enchanted Woods. And you’ll see that online slot machines need not be restricted merely to classical game mechanics such as spinning of reels. Try one of the alternative online slot machines out. See for yourselves that there exist many other ways to entertain yourselves and get great prizes on the way. In this segment, the only limit is your imagination – and you’ll be surprised about all the extraordinary ways one can represent winning lines.

But in order to avoid a bad surprise or to limit your financial risk and possibly losses, feel free to first try out these alternative slot machines here, completely free. See how they work, read their reviews and who knows – maybe you’ll find a strategy that will let you get a bit extra out of them.