Turbo Slots

Turbo Slots

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Apollo Games
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Author: Apollo Games
Theme: Fruit slot machines
Release date: October 2018
Reels: 5 reels, 3 rows
Winning lines: 5 fixed winning lines
Return to Player (RTP): 94,4 %
Volatility: Medium
Jackpot: No
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Expanding Wild symbol, random wild symbol, win multiplier, autoplay

An unexpected theme connection

Turbo Slots is one of those experiments of game developers to connect apparently opposite genres. This time, Apollo Games selected the traditional fruit theme proven by years, and they’ve placed it into a futuristic environment filled with technologies. So, if the sight of an orange hovering next to some type of a pulse turbine gives you joy and endless happiness, then you’ve found your favorite from the slot machines.

The visuals could have more dynamics

The Turbo Slots online machine isn’t coming with any revolutionary news. It will catch your eye with interesting visuals. And if you like this type of environment, then it will hold you for a while. Then it should offer something more, but if you ask us, this is where things lack. But let’s take it one step at a time.

The graphics are fairly good. We didn’t expect anything else from Apollo Games. Maybe just a bit more dynamics on the reels is what we’d expect from the developers of games such as Pandora or Slot Birds. The player will get some movement only after spinning the Wild symbol. Up until then, we found the slot to be too calm. Although to be exact, we were constantly being disturbed by the music. It is only linked to the times when the reels are spinning, otherwise, it's quiet. We can live with that if it was well cut off. But it isn’t. So every time the reels stop spinning, it jolts you a bit when it suddenly and harshly stops.

Will the bonuses repair the slot’s reputation?

When playing slot machines, the vast majority of players aren't interested in the music’s timing, but focus on how the game can help them achieve the highest possible win. As standard, this is usually due to bonuses and bonus games. And Turbo Slots from Apollo Games really tried. We write that they’ve tried because the lonely Wild symbol doesn't make many waves. Although we have to admit, that when it comes to creativity, it won’t get lost.

The Wild symbol works in three ways. It is a joker as everywhere else. It replaces missing symbols in some winning lines and thus helps create winning combinations. Here, the Wild symbol works variously. The basic and most common method is its expansion. The Expanding Wild simply stretches across the entire reel on which you’ve spun it. The second method is similar, except to launch it you don’t have to display the Wild symbol on the reels. A technological thingamajig walks in from the side and randomly selects one symbol that it sticks to, thus creating a random Wild symbol from it. This then expands to the entire reels and you know the rest. More lines, more combinations, higher wins. The third presentation of the Wild symbol is the visually most interesting one and it shows up very rarely. It’s some type of rotation, where the Wild symbol spins on the playing field and mixes up all the symbols that remained on the reels.

And there is one bonus feature, a win multiplier. You receive it when you manage to spin the same symbol on the first, second, and third reel or better yet on the first through fifth reels. Afterwards the entire win will be multiplied by the number of times you managed to get the same symbol. The maximum being 5-times.

Try the Turbo Slots for free

We don't want to say that the game is bad. It has too much originality in the Wild symbol for that. But we didn’t find this slot interesting. We did have fun for a while, but it quickly became boring. But if you’re thinking that we’re just spoiled, there's nothing better to do than to go and try it out for yourselves. And you can do that for free. Try to spin the reels and see.

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