Movie video slots

Movie video slots

Licensed video slot machines with a movie or TV show theme have become a hit in online casinos. Many of them hold a long-standing position as some of the most popular games. They brought a fresh air to the world of online entertainment, and so every casino now wants to have licensed movie video slot machines in their offer.

In most cases these are 5-reel slot machines which feature, among other pros, excellent audio. When playing these games, you'll often run into well-known movie soundtracks, intro tracks of TV shows, and spinning the reels itself is spiced up by well-made special effects. The graphics of these games are also on another level than what was possible in the past. The movie theme is not just about the winning symbols of the reels; the story is intertwined with all the visuals of the slot machine.

Another positive change was made to the bonus games, which in most cases simulate the story of the movie or thrilling sequences from the movie. The simple bonus games of classical slot machines are replaced by separate minigames with their own story, accompanied with excellent visuals. The offer of movie slot machines includes a range of well-made titles, and so I believe that there's plenty to choose from, for all age groups and for many preferences.

Try out movie slot machines for free

One advantage of online play is certainly the possibility of trying out games for free. You can thus experience a large number of stories and survive the travels of the protagonists of your most popular movies or TV series while playing the game and its minigames. Just like that, for fun. You won't win anything, but not lose anything either. And who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by the game adaptation of a story. Basically, you can find your favorite game in advance, before needing to decide what to play in one of the top online casinos for real money.