Musical slots

Musical slots

Music is an inseparable part of the human life and we players are no exception. You won’t find a person in the world who doesn’t sing at least a short part of a favorite song during an activity. Good music, of course, is an important aspect of quality online slot machines. No one wants to spin the reels while listening to sounds that cause mental illnesses after 5 minutes. The musical slot machine category has, however, raised music to an even higher level.

In them, music is what the entire slot machine revolves around (literally). There may not be many of these slot machines but when they do appear, it’s awesome. Even more so if the slot machine is licensed and you can enjoy mega hits from a specific band while playing. Well-known, for example, is the series from NETENT in which you can choose slot machines with songs from Guns’n’Roses, Jimi Hendrix or Motörhead. There are, of course, more examples but these specifically offer something more besides packed soundtracks. For example, the brutal number of game bonuses which continuously make the already comfortable game play more pleasant.

In an ideal case, the entire visuals are connected with the musical side of the slot machine and in these cases, it really hits the nail on the head and the feeling during game play is excellent. If someone has ever played the above-mentioned Motörhead slot machine, they know exactly what we mean. The melody can really carry a person away fast, but you always need to pay attention to your balance.

Musical slots are still a minority group but the success of those that are currently on the market may well start an avalanche of other titles. We’re not hindering them at all, especially if they’re as well done as those so far.

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