Difference between online and land based slots

Difference between online and land based slots

2013-06-13 16:43:39 -

Do you think the difference between online machines and those in real casinos is not even worth talking about? Then you are mistaken. There are several differences you should come to know before getting into playing online or real games.


The payout value determines the possible winnings on the machine. The higher this value is, the greater chance you have of wining on the machine. The payout on online machines is much higher than on real machines. With some casinos, the difference between online and standard versions can reach up to 23% in favour of the online game. And that right there can seriously impact on your Fortune.

Bonus for loyalty

When you walk into a standard casino for the first time, you probably will not be approached with free bonuses. This is not the case with online casinos who fight to obtain new customers and keep them. All you have to do is register and you can instantly chose from a full line of bonus services. The offer differs from one casino to another.

Unlimited playing options

The most marked difference and biggest advantage of online machines is that you can play them whenever you want. You do not have to dress for the occasion and drive all the way to the casino in the next town to play slot machines. Some players will say they do it for the rush of adrenaline they get when spinning a real machine. Of course. But why not combine both experiences? Train your strategy and tactics from the comfort of your home on your favourite online machine and, from time to time, test your skills in a real casino.

Huge shared jackpots of online slot machines

Have you ever heard of jackpots worth a million in real casinos? How often does the major prize or jackpot hit in the national lottery? In online casinos, you can find hundreds of thousands of jackpots (progressive jackpots) which hit regularly, and the amount of some of them makes your head spin. Many statements made by winners report what it is like to win one of the jackpots worth a million.

Awesome graphics of the latest online video slot machine games

Playing video slot machines (video slots) in an online casino is not just about spinning the reels. It is also about the sophisticated graphics of the video slot games, high sound quality, and mystical stories in the themes of video slots. Advancements in the latest video slot games will certainly satisfy all your expectations. Along with playing, you will be pulled into many stories where you will follow the fate of the main hero and play for fantastic prizes with many bonus spins. Winning the jackpot assumes going through the whole story and, just like the main hero, winning at the end of the game.

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