How to play slot machines - tips and tricks

How to play slot machines - tips and tricks

2015-05-08 18:02:46 - Braňo "Ace"

Many people, including those who really know, will try to persuade you that playing slot machines is a lose-lose situation. Don’t get discouraged. It is not true at all! It is certainly slightly more difficult than in other games in casinos, but if you really want to, you can win great money! There are even players who stay in the black for the long term.

And the feeling when you can win playing slot machines is just awesome as the dynamics and adrenaline make your experience more intense.

Of course you need to win something. Self-control and preparation are the key. You don’t need a miraculous game strategy. It is important to know how to play and how not to get in the red. And there are a few tricks to accomplish that. Here they are:

1. Play for free first

It’s a strange game at the beginning, isn't it? Yeah, but mark our words! Try the game first. All good casinos will allow you to play free versions of their best games - just for the fun of it. You cannot monetize on that, but learning how to play a specific game is more important here. It will enable you to understand the rules, and thus you will not lose money through unwise decisions. Learn how to play every game - even if it seems similar to the previous ones to you.

2. Odds - payout

95% - this is the number that you should be interested in before you virtually sit at a slot machine. The odds are what we mean by that number, of course. Whatever below this number must keep you cool; do not get tempted even by high bonuses. Rational decisions are invaluable.

3. Progressive jackpots of slot machines

If you have found a game you are interested in, and its odds are good too, play where you find progressive jackpots. This means that more slot machines are interconnected, and the Jackpot thus increases faster. Keep in mind, though, that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Higher bets translate into a greater chance to break the jackpot. And if you were born under a lucky star, you can even win with lower ones, though this is very unlikely.

4. Limits

Set yourselves a limit of how much a day can you invest into the game, what is your ceiling. Keep a cool head, think and be firm with yourself. Through their dynamics and speed, slot machines have the ability to make you forget about reality. Do not fall prey to their seductive power. If you do not fare well and spend all your money, have a break and leave it at that. The chance to win will come another day.

5. Try not to instantly win the money you lost

This is closely connected to point 4. Never ever, and we mean really never, try to win the money from the limit back on the very same day. You will get into a vicious circle of no return; in the end, you will find that your loss is disastrous. Every winner must lose first and learn from it. Fortune will be favorable to you, too, but do not attempt to chase after it, if it evades you.

6. Use any bonuses available

Invest all your money only when you need to. Try to get as much as possible from bonuses provided to you by the casinos. Do not hesitate to change casinos in order to get entry bonuses. Loyalty bonuses are attractive as well; however, reaching them is more difficult for the average player. It is easier to get an entry bonus. Give it a try! Follow all promos that are regularly offered by casinos. Know what is happening around you! Drawing of lots, contests and free spins are your chances to score a win.

7. Take note of Hot and Cold slot machines

Follow the icons of hot and cold slot machines on our website. These will tell you whether or not a particular slot machine has paid out a greater amount of money (Hot) or lesser (Cold). Naturally, it is more convenient to play on the Hot machines and try to take advantage of their "generosity wave", however, some players specialize on Cold slot machines and believe that it will be they who will "loot" them. It is up to you which strategy you choose.

8. Take slot machines as entertainment

It is a game. Nothing more. Do not plan to play slot machines as your "full-time job" to secure yourself a regular income. This is not the way slot machines work. You can be in the black when betting, to a smaller degree in a casino - this is possible. The statistics says otherwise for slot machines. Therefore, it is not good to expect miracles from them. It is mainly about luck, and don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t.

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