Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Betsoft

Indeed, among the flood of various slot machines, it’s truly refreshing to find a game whose design makes it stand out. And even more so when the distinguishing factor for the given slot machine is humor.

Mamma Mia has its own personal style and also comes with its own humorous tone. It’s the work of Betsoft, more notably a few of their clever developers, who presented a slightly different view of what online slot machines should look like. And we’d like to add that our preferences are actually very close to theirs.

A slot machine full of entertainment and a story

Mamma Mia features 5 reels and up to 30 optional winning lines. Winning combinations are read from left to right, always starting from the leftmost reel. Business as usual so far.

But right after starting a game it becomes apparent that Mamma Mia plays in its own, special way. For instance, it has a story. It might be a very simple story, but still - that’s a bonus point from us. The story is about a successful Italian restaurant being visited by a feared restaurant critic. And it’s up to you to serve him in a way which will see him leaving from your restaurant satisfied. Of course, the gameplay is very simple and 90% of the game relies on standard spinning of the reels. The rest are the bonus games. In addition to the story, one should also mention the visuals. The graphics are really well made and the caricatured characters are very likable. It’s clear that someone really put their heart and soul into this game.

A bag full of specialties and bonuses

You can increase your winnings with bonus symbols. And there’s several of those in Mamma Mia.

Even the basic Wild symbol works differently than in other games. Of course, it still acts as a wildcard that can replace missing symbols in incomplete winning lines. But in addition, a player can also transform a standard Wild symbol to a locked Wild symbol. All that is required is to click on it after the end of a spin, and this symbol will remain locked in the next spin (this can also be done for several Wild symbols simultaneously). This allows you to easily get consecutive wins. But it's not free - the more Wild symbols you lock, the higher your bet.

The Scatter symbol is depicted as a tasty pizza. If you get it 3 or more times on your reels, you’re rewarded with free spins. The number of free spins depends on how many Scatters you managed to get. Three symbols net you 6 free spins, 4 provide 9 and 5 give a total of 12 free spins.

The Click Here symbol is another bonus symbol that appears in the game. If you get it 3 or more times on your reels, you’re transported to a special bonus round where you can choose a prize from under a lid. And the prizes there can be truly generous.

But that’s not all. The last bonus is hidden behind the Critic symbol. If you get at least 3 menu symbols on your reels, you’re taken to another special bonus mode. The task there is to choose from among the offered meals one that is the critic’s favorite. The food you choose is rated in 4 criteria, and your prize depends on its rating.

Mamma Mia is certainly worth a try - and you can do so even for free

A story, super graphics and great bonuses make Mamma Mia an ideal candidate for a slot machine that you should not miss. But if you think our review is perhaps a bit too positive, you're welcome to go ahead, try the game out yourselves and make your own opinion.

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