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Rooks Revenge

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Do you still remember 2012 and the mass hysteria caused by the Mayan calendar that did not continue past that point? While this didn’t mark the end of the world, but at least one Mayan chief did succeed in keeping our attention and create at least a “small big bang”. Indeed, 2012 is the year Betsoft released one of their most popular slot machines - Rooks Revenge.

A clear inspiration in Gonzo’s Quest

If Rooks Revenge slot machine seems similar to you, you can rest assured that you're not alone. That’s because it draws a lot of inspiration from NETENT’s Gonzo’s Quest. Its story also focuses on a famous conquistador and a mountain of gold. But perhaps the latter is not surprising, after all Mayan temples are said to be full of our favorite precious metal. Your guide on the path to the sought-after riches will be a Mayan chief called Rook. Similarly as Gonzo, he will entertain you during your gameplay by dynamically reacting to how you're doing.

In fact, the authors didn’t only copy the game’s concept, but were also inspired by its visuals. Rooks Revenge also offers beautiful 3D graphics and top-notch audio. Jungles, temples and golden masks, all of these things come with highly detailed models, and if you like to pay attention to detail then there’s plenty to bask at in Rooks Revenge. The sounds and music are also a good fit and greatly emphasize the atmosphere of a jungle and buildings left by a long-lost civilization.

The gameplay itself is what you'd expect. Rooks Revenge is a 5-reel, 25-line slot machine with 3 playing rows. Your goal is to create a winning combination on one of the winning lines, i.e., a combination consisting of at least 3 identical symbols. Of course, the more winning combinations you get, the more golden coins will be sent to your account.

Falling stones with great bonuses

Rooks Revenge is another slot machine where instead of reels, you’ll find stones that fall onto their positions. The cascade system that kicks in during winning combinations is also identical. If you manage to chain 3 or more winning symbols together, these will explode after giving you your prize and new stones will drop on their place. Of course, this can lead to cascading wins. This actually operates like a sort of a mini free spin, with one additional highly pleasant bonus.

Notably, the win multiplier gradually increases with cascading wins. After the first winning combination disappears, the second winning combination will come with a multiplier of 2, the third one is multiplied by 3 and all later ones by 5. This allows you to rack up very nice prizes. And another great thing is that this bonus can be combined with other bonus mechanics that appear in the slot machine. In particular, if reels 2, 3 and 4 contain symboly Free spinů, you’ll get free spins during which the multiplier is further increased: it’s 3x for your first winning combination, 6x for the second, 9x for the third and 15x for each subsequent consecutive one. All in all, this is a great way to attract players and the bonuses can lead to really high prizes.

But this cascading multiplier is not all that the game offers. The traditional Wild symbol also makes an appearance in Rooks Revenge. That functions as a joker - if it appears on a winning line, then it can replace any missing symbol in order to complete a winning combination.

Try out Rooks Revenge for free

Rooks Revenge is a slot machine that has plenty to offer, and yet is sufficiently easy to understand to make it suitable also for complete newcomers. But if you want to first try it out for free, i.e., without risking any of your hard-earned money, we recommend trying Rooks Revenge for free first. If you like the game, you can then immediately register in any online casino, take advantage of their offered casino bonuses and start playing with real money. In either case, we wish you a lot of luck and the favor of the Mayan gods.

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